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We offer investors the opportunity to invest in exciting, potentially high growth companies looking to disrupt an industry.

Two Ways To Invest

Invest in our Fund

Our Fund aims to invest in a diversified portfolio of knowledge intensive companies, offering investors exposure to early stage investing without the need to stock-pick and commit management time.

Deal flow is driven by our 35-year track record and long-term partnerships with the UK government and business community.

Risk is partly mitigated through our selection methodology and due diligence processes, and by looking to leverage the HMRC's Enterprise Investment Scheme tax incentives.

Our Fund is structured as an Evergreen Fund, with capital deployed over 12-18 months per subscription. The Fund has no final termination date and subscriptions are open all year round.

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Invest Deal-by-Deal

Many of our Investors have significant experience working with and investing in early stage companies. They understand their challenges and also their potential.

They like to build their own portfolio of investments and sometimes take on a Lead Angel role or become part of the management or Board as the investee company navigates its growth curve. Many of our Investors have industry relevant skills and contacts they can use to drive value in investee companies.

Whilst this typically means allocating more time to stock-picking, performing due diligence and committing management time it also gives Investors the ability to shape the strategy of the investee companies.

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Our Fund

Our Fund is currently open for subscriptions. We welcome you to Log in or Register as an Investor to access the Information Memorandum, the Key Information Document and the Legal Agreement. See key risks.

Newable EIS Scale-Up Fund 3

The Newable EIS Scale-Up Fund 3 aims to invest in a diversified portfolio of 7-10 knowledge intensive companies, offering Investors exposure to a partially technology de-risked asset class without the need to stock-pick or commit management time.

Target Return

20% IRR/ 3x Capital (capital at risk)

2017-18 Milestones


Investment deals closed


Raised by the companies


Funds launched

Why Join?

Track record and Pipeline

Track record & Pipeline

  • First established in 1982, we have developed a deep ecosystem for investing in knowledge intensive companies.
  • Our highly selective pipeline is sourced from a wide network of partners. Each year we present only 60 of the 1,500 companies we screen to our investors.
  • You will become part of our 500-strong investor group which was just this year voted as the UK's #1 Angel Network. Many of our investors are industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs with the experience to suggest they can help investee companies navigate their growth curves.
Build an Active or Passive investment portfolio

Build an Active or Passive investment portfolio

  • Active: Come to our events, meet entrepreneurs and invest via our platform. We have a strong track record of connecting lead investors with potentially high growth companies.
  • Passive: Our funds invest in a selective and diversified portfolio representing less than 2% of the companies we have screened each year.
Invest with us, Invest with our partners

Invest with us, Invest with our partners

We have an established network of investment partners who often co-invest alongside us. These include:

  • £25m London Co-Investment Fund (we are their most active partner, having completed over 30 deals since 2014).
  • £100m Angel Co-Fund.

Our Programmes

Electronics & Automation

70% of early stage companies presenting at our Events in 2017 raised funding. Over £174m raised and 5 corporate exits since 2011

MedTech & LifeSciences

Programme started in 2014
Over 45 MedTech and LifeSciences
Scale-Ups selected to present
Over £15m raised since 2014

SpaceTech; Downstream Data Technologies

Programme started in 2017
60% of Space Tech Scale-Ups raised investment in 2017
Over £6m raised via our relationship with a leading space agency

Notable investments made by our Funds

BluWireless Technology


BluWireless Technology is a leading Silicon IP systems provider for next generation high bandwidth 5G communication systems.

Sector: Technology Hardware & Equipment
Our Funds first invested in 2013
Total funds raised: £25m

Sphere Fluidics


Sphere Fluidics is commercialising a biochip system with single-cell analysis technology to accelerate the pace and quality of high-value biological discoveries.

Sector: Healthcare & Biotechnology
Our Funds first invested in 2012
Total funds raised: £10.8m



Hopster is a leading children’s app that offers pre-school TV and education based games.

Sector: Education Technology
Our Funds first invested in 2013
Total funds raised: £11.6m



Rezatec is a leading provider of geospatial big data analytics across a wide range of industry verticals and geographies.

Sector: Geospatial Analytics
Our Funds first invested in 2017
Total funds raised: £3.6

Contact Engine


ContactEngine has developed a customer management platform that enables companies to automate interactions with their customers across various channels.

Sector: Software-as-a-Service & Retail
Our Funds first invested in 2010
Total funds raised: £4m



Oxtex manufactures self-inflating tissue expanders for use in reconstructive plastic surgery and restorative dentistry.

Sector: Healthcare & Biotechnology
Our Funds first invested in 2014
Total funds raised: £4.5m

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